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At IYTHI, we bring you the best of what we associate our heart and soul with “COFFEE”. We have been growing sustainable coffee at our farm in Kodagu, also known as Coorg - The Scotland of India.

We have a co-living ecology at our farm, understanding the importance of every living element in maintaining the harmony of Western Ghats in India.

Our Coffee is nurtured by way of ecologically positive methods. We shade grow Coffee under the canopy of two-tiered shade system. Lower shade system is cared by nitrogen fixing Erythrina Lithosperma. Trees like Jackfruit, Mango, Wild Fig, Malabar Plum, Avacado and Silver Oak offer secondary shade. These help to offer generous amount of biomass and maintain soil temperature.

Quality at its best

Only hand picked and sorted beans make it from our backyard into our facility, which is processed and dried to desired moisture before being sent to roastery unit, to bring you the finest crafted Coffee.

Our Products

South Filter

Premium Arabica

White Pepper

Rs. 185.00/-

Rs. 275.00/-

Rs. 250.00/-

Coffee to Spices hand picked from our farm and shipped straight to your table

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